Women’s Center for Mind-Body Health

The Women’s Center for Mind-Body Health is the private office of Dr. Harise Stein, a board-certified ob/gyn who also sees patients at Stanford Medical Center.

This is a unique practice.  Please look through this website to make sure that seeing Dr. Stein will answer your needs.

After many years as a regular ob/gyn, doing surgery and delivering babies, Dr. Stein is focusing now on using mind-body medicine for women’s health.  As such she no longer does surgeries or deliveries, lab testing or writing prescriptions.  She is not on call off hours and does not take insurance, asking for payment at the time of the visit.

What she DOES do is focus her considerable experience and expertise on taking the time to listen (initial visits are scheduled for 2 hours) and to help women understand their bodies and put their past and future ob/gyn experiences into perspective.  To do this she may review medical records, possibly do an exam if needed, and offer her patients a variety of positive psychology, mindfulness, and mind-body methods such as relaxation and imagery.  She has had over 15 years training in these methods, for which she is a frequent lecturer and educator to a variety of medical and community groups.

Women who can benefit from seeing Dr. Stein include those who:

  • have had previous or are facing difficult ob/gyn experiences
  • want to optimally prepare for ob/gyn surgery
  • are coping with chronic ob/gyn conditions
  • have particular difficulties with pelvic exams