Your Appointment

How to Make an Appointment

Please call (650-559-9597) or email ( to request an appointment and Dr. Stein will arrange a time to talk with you so you can both decide if what she has to offer will fit your needs.  If you have undiagnosed physical symptoms, you will need to be under the care of a standard ob/gyn as Dr. Stein does not do testing or treatment.  If you have significant psychological symptoms, you will need to be under the care of a mental health provider, as talking about issues such as trauma may temporarily increase symptoms.  Dr. Stein is happy to collaborate with other providers to optimize your care.

What Will Happen Next?

Please download and fill out the registration form on the right and bring it with you to the appointment.  Depending on what you will be discussing, Dr. Stein may also send you other forms to fill out so that the time you spend together will be meaningful and not spent solely on gathering health information.

What Happens at the Visit?

Dr. Stein will go over the forms you filled out and then offer you a variety of approaches so that you can decide what seems best to you.  A physical and/or pelvic exam may be helpful or not.  After the visit you are welcome to spend some time in another room to write or draw about anything that seems meaningful to you.

The initial visit usually lasts two hours, and subsequent ones one hour.  Many patients are greatly helped by seeing Dr. Stein one time, to resolve a particular issue.  Most patients usually see her 1-3 times, as her goal is to train you in using various methods that you can use yourself for the rest of your life.

If you are preparing for surgery, Dr. Stein will lend you a well-regarded guided imagery CD that you can mail back to her when you are finished.

What About Billing?

Charges are $280 for the initial visit (2 hours) and $140 for subsequent visits (1 hour).  Payment by check is requested.  You will be given a bill to submit to insurance, but depending on what is needed for your care insurances may not cover the visit – for example if it is solely for health education.

What About Seeing Dr. Stein at Stanford?

As a benefit of being a Stanford patient in the gynecology outpatient or obstetric outpatient departments, Dr. Stein provides free visits to help patients prepare for surgery (or cesarean delivery) or to discuss concerns about having surgery.  She is not able to see the same patient in both locations (Stanford and her office).