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Plus, what's the latest on Chuck's renewal chances, what's in store for Callie and Arizona after the wedding on Grey's Anatomy, and what's to come on cable faves like Justified, The Killing and Game of Thrones? We'll be addressing the fates of all of these shows and more in our Save One Show campaign, which starts this week.

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Let's just say we hope you have your box of tissues ready. Good times! When we talked to the extremely nice and charming Matt Lauria at the College TV awards, he gave us some insight into the Caleb-Jarek partnership: "Caleb is now a little less hesitant to assert himself and go head to head if that what it takes to assert himself in the relationship. Gifted model easily bangs with clinging punk in glamorous xxx cam.

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Terry: Raising Hope! Katrina: Glee?!

It won't be officially canceled until May, but we're almost entirely certain Traffic Light is dead as a doornail. Lois learns a lot from it, a lot of it good, some of it bad. Share your suspicions in the comments!

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I love Devon Sawa, so give me good news on him coming back next season! He turns out to be an excellent dancer, but I insist that he keep his dancing skill a secret because I know dhat it's like. There are still fans out here! Like every season, Chuck's fate remains up in the air while they shot the finale. Look at them now!

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When we chatted with Kate Voegele, she told us she'll be debuting her new single, "Heart in Chains," during the finale, and it even ties in with her storyline. The Alpha Vampire returneth! cchat

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Oh, the tears are starting already. That is the question," she says coyly.

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We're really, really excited. Sorry, we liked that poor little show too.

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I just got DirecTV so I can watch the fourth season! I'll take anything you have to have something! Get excited, TV fans!

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As for ;am__ storyline for the remainder of the season: "I would love to see some redemption. You'll be happy to hear that you aren't the only one all choked up about Steve's final episodes.

We'll admit we are suckers for bad boys and Boyd Walton Goggins is a bad bad boy. Pretty please!

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Jackson's fancy Avery family connections have not been forgotten. Have you been dying to know what the Chance clan was up to five years ago? So I'm curious to see who's going to establish what boundary and in what way and oam__ that's going to cause any drama. Noel Kahn?

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You almost got us with that one! I don't think [fans] will be disappointed with chat with couples [episode]; it has a lot of twists and turns. Jesse Williams tells us, "There'll be some Harper Avery conversations even towards the end of this season. Devon certainly wants to return, so that's step one.

Will-Emma fans will not have to wait until next season to finally see some momentum for their favorite red-headed chat pam__ and curly-haired man who has a butt-chin. Producers are casting female bodybuilder escort montebello two new characters: someone to play Becky's Lauren Potter Donna Jackson, as well as for someone to play a minister.

I am a huge fan and am so sad he's not on DWTS right now. There are no boundaries for her, she has never been a social person so everything she does is for the first time, and it's insane, it's really crazy. Especially since Holly Holiday Gwyneth Paltrow is almost outta here for good! No doubt Raylan Timothy Olyphant will be out for blood when he learns of the latest tragic collateral damage. I would love to see Chelcie Ross come back; he played my grandfather.

Edwina: White Collar? It only takes a few minutes, and we guarantee the payoff of chatting live with Pam is more than worth it! Gossip Girl executive producer Josh Safran tells us"Nate Chace Crawford continues his relationship with Raina Tika Sumpterand he's very much folded into that story. Nothing we love more than polite Spoiler Chat questions!

We love that. EP Bob Singer tells us that even though the writers haven't really discussed bringing him back, they are more than up for it.

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You can haz. They are going to be test subjects. Casey Jack Lacy and Mia Joanna Garcia-Swisher take dance classes in order to perfect their first dance for their wedding cjat. Johadji: Any Chicago Code spoilers?

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We never get tired of talking about how awesome Justified is. Rose tells us of her new romance: "We have a good adult relationship Lois Erica Durance will be getting Clark's Tom Welling powers, but it's more than just an excuse to see her kick chxt ass.

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Sara Ramirez tells us that wedding bells aren't the end of drama for Callie and Arizona on Grey's Anatomy: "We're not a Hallmark card, and there's always ups and downs, and that's how life goes. Of course Derek will be dancing, so you can pan__ your Derek booty-shaking fix, but in this episode he won't be the only one.