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Black Doom is a character with enough information to qualify for his own article; he does not need to be placed in the Minor villains in Sonic the Hedgehog article. User:Denjo Erazor has more backstory then Black doom and he doesn't have his own .

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I put this theory out there because I felt that it was the best way to explain just what could have attacked Cosmo's homeworld and motivated Lucas to become Dark Oak. Sorry to go a bit off topic in the last sentence or two but I thought it neccessary to emphasize my point.

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You're basically saying "We know of two alien races in Sonic Team-connected works, indian escorts florida peaceful and one hostile. It doesn't automatically translate into what most would consider a true father-figure which Doom most certainly wasn't but that doesn't change Shadow's genetic parentage, no matter how much he or certain fans want to.

Often, we feel a little lonely. He made Artificial Bpack, based on the 'god' who destroyed the Echidna culture and was powered by the Emeralds.

Omg black chat room

With a simple and easy registration process, it takes less than 5 minutes to our site. I think the problem is it's easy to find that promo art of Escort stirling Doom, but not the case for Devil Doom.

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Written by Vorachote Sakulsri. But, in my opinion, Black Doom is clearly the nastiest villain from the game continuity. User:Denjo Erazor has more backstory then Black doom and he doesn't have his own. For example let's say Sega never confirmed that Sonic was a hedgehog, and the rlom were just called "Sonic".

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Speaking of raids, the Black Arms might be the "enemies" that had attacked the Seedrians eight years prior to blqck Metarex conflict in Sonic X. But if you're theory is proved to be quite popular, it would deserve to be up. No, I haven't mentioned the Metarexor any of the villains from the Archie comic book seriesor from Sonic the Comic ; I don't have any intention to, because they're simply too numerous. This just increases my desire for a Sonic concept art best escort los angeles Someone added one a few weeks ago but it was just slapped in and very washed out so I removed it.

But right now, it's just a theory with very little basis to go on. But then again, it all depends on what one preceives a father to be. User:Denjo History[ edit ] Who ever actually edited the History section, turst me, that suker wasted his time. If you want to make new connections with people, then you have come to washington d c lactating escort right place. I'm not a registered user too, but in the battle with Metal Overlord, Tails and Knuckles wasn't in their super forms I'm not a registered user here, sorry.

Omg black chat room

Therefore, unless the Black Arms appear in season 4 of Sonic X, your theory pretty much has no validity. While I won't argue Perfect Chaos as his true power has never been seen the fight he had with Super Sonic shouldn't be counted as Super Sonic's good powers were more powerful than his anger and Biolizard is escorts canoga park weaker than Black Doom, or even Dark Oak who I think he's even with should he not assume his Devil Doom form I will argue your Metal Overlord statement.

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Of course, like I said, if people disagree with it, then I'll back down without any fuss. To further add to this, Last Story pretty clearly turns this into a nature vs nurture matter. When I said that it should be put in the article if the community agreed with it, I forgot to mention that it would have to be labeled as mere speculation. And just because people vote, it dosen't mean that possibly wrong theories can go into an article.

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I think you're being quite desperate. There are countless legends about the Emeralds but I think the games made it clear Gerald focused on the Echidnas.

Omg black chat room

I'd like to have your opinion on this! There is alot of evidence in the game that Black Doom is his biological father, including the above quote.

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Our goal is to connect people not only for their location, background or race. There's a big difference between a theory and a fact, after all. Shadow on the other hand, was alone and had no real motivations that would apply to the Chaos Emeralds he was just determined to beat him; he had didn't have any emotional boost from Maria or any other positive feelings the Emeralds usually amplify when used.

If you want to discuss cha, take it to a message board or chat room- keep it out of this encyclopedia.

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Moving along, I know I'm not a registered user but I omt I have a useful critique about how you spoke of Black Doom's power. Simple, effective, non speculative, etc. Doctor Eggman has become a bit soft over the years; Sega itself has said so!

Omg black chat room

I think he bit the bullet, but right now, his status is unknown. Going over the other villains in the SegaSonic continuity, we find that Black Doom is probably the most char, and his scheme was the most, to put it lightly, disturbing.